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Our membership price ranges from 217 SEK to 1149 SEK/month.


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Including PT session

One personal trainer session is included within the commitment period.

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Wellness benefit

Enter here the wellness benefit amount your employer provides per year.

You can print out a receipt via our website for your employer after your first direct debit transaction is complete. We will continue to deduct the entire monthly charge. If you are a business customer, we will invoice your employer for the wellness benefit amount.


We offer discounts for youth (11-14 years old), student, senior and business memberships.

Remember to bring your proof of discount the first time you work out.

Remember to bring your proof of discount the first time you work out.

Remember to bring your proof of discount the first time you work out.

If you are uncertain of your business discount, check with your company or leave the box blank and we will contact you within a few days. If the incorrect discount or wellness benefit is entered, SATS will correct this when processing the order and then inform you of the correction.

Group workout

Effective workout with an instructor who inspires and motivates you!
Online Training is included in the price for group workout. Read more.

Classical Yoga
Anti-Gravity Yoga®
Yin Yoga
Energy Yoga

Special workout

Unique workout concept that is customised to suit anyone interested in improving physical performance. Availability varies by centre. Group workout included in price if you select special workout.

All Specials

Access to all special concepts.

Read more

Not available at selected centre.

Available at: Kompassen, Masthugget, Sisjön.

Online Training

Work out when and where you want with our best instructors, with the app and at Read more.
Online Training is included in the price when you select group workout.

Online Training is included in the price for group workout.

Commitment period

The most common commitment period is 12 months, but you may choose a different period.
If you select a 12-month commitment period, two sessions with a personal trainer are included.

Not available for business customers.

Payment options

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One session with a personal trainer. Included
Access to one centre. Modify
Access to two centres. Modify
Exercise at any club in Göteborg. Modify
Access to centres all over Sweden. Modify
Access to centres all over the Nordic area. Modify
Access to clubs Monday through Friday until 3:00pm Modify
Access all days, all hours of operation. Modify
Access to group workout. Modify
Access to Online Training. Included
No access to group workout. Modify
No access to Online Training. Modify
Access to Online Training. Modify
Access to All Specials. Modify
12-month commitment period. Modify
No commitment period. Modify

We will help you set up direct debit the first time you visit a centre. At this initial visit, you will pay the one-time membership fee (SEK 250) and your first monthly charge by credit/debit card. Monthly payments will thereafter be made by direct debit. If you select the 12-month commitment period, your membership will continue automatically. You can cancel the membership at any time after the commitment period ends with a one-month period of notice.

When your order is complete, you will receive email confirmation from your business contact. If you are a new member or more than 45 days have passed since your membership expired, an SEK 250 membership fee will be charged. If your membership is paid via direct debit, the membership fee and the monthly charge will be deducted the first time. If your membership is paid through annual invoicing, your employer will deduct the wellness benefit amount and make payroll deductions for the remaining amount. You will pay the membership fee yourself at your centre. Business memberships apply for 12 months and are not automatically renewed.

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We will help you set up direct debit the first time you visit a centre.

With direct debit, the monthly charge will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the 28th of each month. Fees are always paid in advance, so your first direct debit amount will be higher than usual. If you have a Swedbank account, enter all of the numerals of your bank routing transit number except for the last one.

Another party will pay

Who will pay for the membership?

Your personal data will be processed as stipulated by The Personal Data Act (PUL). Anyone under the age of 18 years must register at one of our centres and be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign the membership contract, including the terms and conditions. The parent or guardian will also be registered as responsible for payment.